Chorale Members

Lompoc Valley Master Chorale. Photo by Bruce Fall Photography.
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Elnora Coleman
Lola Day
Stacey Gray
Jane Kehret
Polly Kirsch *
Pamela Nelson
Carrie Petterson
Kay Rowland
Mary Saladino
Helen Tye Talkin
Mary Beth Williams
Rebecca Wood
Anne Anderson *
Anna Chait
Julie Davies
Kitty Furuto
Dorothy Hager
Debbie Johnson
Cyndi Lange
Carrie Larson
Lynn Maxwell
Leah Olsson
Cathy Pepe
Marilyn Romine
Kristin Stark
Donna Wood
Mike Casarez
Paul Diller
Carol Norrander
Harrison Young

Alan Benson
Gary Berleue
Lynn Clock *
Dick Dixon
Tommy Hacker
Connor Petterson
Ed Romine

* Section leader

Rehearsals for the 2017 Winter Concert started on 28 August 2017. Rehearsals are conducted at the First United Methodist Church (925 North F Street) on Mondays between 7:00 and 9:00 PM. If you enjoy singing, we invite you to join us by attending weekly rehearsals so you can participate in our upcoming performances. Attendance is very important. Please join during the first two weeks of rehearsals for maximum exposure to the musical selections. We always welcome new members to join our fine chorale!

Current Chorale membership is approximately 40 people from all walks of life in the Lompoc community. Requirements for membership may involve a voice placement audition to test some basic musical skills. A membership fee of $50 per concert season is charged to support the Chorale's operating expenses. Each member is given a packet of music, schedules for rehearsals, and other important information needed for the season. Rehearsals are conducted for approximately twelve weeks before each scheduled concert. Winter season rehearsals normally begin on the last week of August, and spring season on the second week of January.

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"Snowfire Park", by Aaron B. Faulkner