Music Scholarship Program

In keeping with our stated purpose to encourage the arts and music in our community and engage the singers of tomorrow, the Lompoc Valley Master Chorale offers scholarships to graduating high school students to pursue their musical education. A recommendation from a music teacher is required, and the applicant must have aspirations to study music in college. Applications are available at the High School counselor’s offices. To be considered the applicant must submit an application by February of the graduation year. For more information contact Stacey Gray from the Master Chorale at

2018 Scholarship Recipients
Cedric Kwon Kai Rosales
Cedric Kwon Kai Rosales

Cedric Kwon began taking piano lessons 11 years ago, and at that time, didn't realize the beauty of music and just thought that studying the piano was something to learn and practice every day. As he grew older, however, he began to enjoy the melodies he could produce from his own hands and continues to be amazed by the composers' abilities to synthesize different notes and pauses to create brilliant, memorable pieces. With every dynamic, every note, Cedric feels the power and raw emotion that flows throughout each song that he plays.

After switching to his current teacher, Belva Hanson, Cedric began to take practice more seriously, and learned the intricacies of playing the instrument. With hard work and dedication, he has been able to take a few master classes with Dr. Spiller, a widely recognized pianist, and to also compete in other piano competitions.

Cedric plays piano for his church and is a senior at Cabrillo High School. He enjoys music composition and is currently creating a CD full of advanced piano pieces and pieces that he has composed for his senior project. Cedric continues on his musical journey of finding every single aspect of beauty that sounds can create, although he still has not yet found them all and most likely never will. But, just as a grand piano has eight-eight keys are the infinite possibilities in the music of life.

Kai Rosales has been in Lompoc since he was three years old and wouldn't want to be anywhere else. He is a senior at Cabrillo High School and is involved in music, theater, dance and ASB. He is a part of the Madrigal Singers, has acted in all 9 shows at Cabrillo since his freshmen year and is the Executive Secretary of the class of 2018. A highlight for him was getting to play the part of Young Edward Bloom in "Big Fish" the musical. He has also taken private voice lessons with vocal coach Joyce Michaels for years.

Kai loves singing, but his true passion is Musical Theater. He loves to sing, dance, and act; and loves to be a storyteller and create intricate characters that teach valuable life lessons to himself and others. Kai volunteers in his free time, accumulating over 200+ hours of community service with Lompoc Youth Theater, Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts, and Adopt-a-Highway and truly enjoys serving the central coast and giving back to the wonderful people that have always believed in him.

After graduating from Cabrillo this June, Kai plans to attend California State University, Fullerton pursuing a degree in Musical Theater. He would like to thank his parents, who support him constantly and consistently and his siblings for being forced to listen to him practice 24/7. He would like to thank his many mentors that have guided him through his journey in life and he would like to thank his dogs Aly, Louie, and Snickers, for showing him all their love, all the time. He would also like to thank the gracious members of the Lompoc Valley Master Chorale for gifting him a scholarship.